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Music for your Events

Among the links below you will find a selection of variable formations, which the Musikwerkstatt offers.

An international cast of 4 to7 jazz musicians who play (with) jazz and related music styles. The musicians improvise with spontaneity, playfulness and sensitivity and skillfully conquer jazz, folk, pop, dance and film music. For your private party, receptions, conferences and

The Styrian Selection is a variable formation consisting of musicians who have devoted themselves mainly to traditional Austrian and especially Styrian folk music. Unplugged and mobile they will play waltzes, polkas, Franzés, Jodler and Boarische...

Three to five musicians play discreet, classic musical entertainment for private festivities, openings, conferences, vernissages, or medieval theme meals as well as break-length interludes. The repertoire ranges from..

An ensemble characterized by Michael Stadler (Salzburger Nachrichten) as follows:

"What distinguishes Folksmilch from many other tightrope-walkers and crossover bands is the independent sound that the group has shaped and which makes each tune unmistakable. The high technical level of
the musicians  ensures that Folksmilch never sounds banal, even in comic passages in which cabaret music is the focus


At your private party, small jazz festivals and events three trained teachers on saxophone, banjo and tuba will play Oldies, Dixieland, pop, hits and jazz standards from the good old days.

Eduard Luis sings the right song for you for all occasions. Individually selected or newly texted according to your personal preferences you will get the perfect song for your motto, theme, slogan, etc.


... Or a formation as desired.

The featured ensembles largely consist of a flexible staff of musicians. For your specific requirements we can offer you to put together a formation specific to you. Performances with up to 150 musicians are possible.

We are also happy to design the program tailored to your specific ideas (song requests, etc.), and compose or arrange pieces according to your request.

For your individual event, you can also choose from a wide pool of creative, talented and professional artists:

In addition to musicians we work with:

  • dancers
  • actors
  • choreographers
  • composers
  • arrangers
  • DJs
  • Stage technicians
  • ...

Please feel free to articulate your specific request on the contact form.

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